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About us?


Amigxs del MAR (Revolutionary Environmental Movement) arises from the prevailing need for citizen action to defend the environment and communities of Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. The mission and execution of our organization is based on the Manatiburón concept, which is the combination of passive education strategies, environmental awareness events (beach cleanings, educational talks, workshops, among others) associated with the passivity of the manatee, together to active and radical strategies that enforce the country's demands, associated with the shark. 

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As an organization with a social and environmental conscience, the concepts that we propose go hand in hand, we take positions before all kinds of situations that affect the integrity and dignity of Puerto Ricans and Puerto Ricans. That is why, as our name explains, we propose a revolution in the forms of social organization, which is inclined to the integration of claims and in turn promotes the convergence of ideas.

As an organization based on social action, we create and promote cooperation with all types of community-based organizations and/or citizen management. That is why Amigxs of the M.A.R. responds to the call of the people and offer advice to them. In turn we believe in international cooperation, which is why as an organization we have participated in demonstrations around the world, supporting environmental and social demands. The demands for social justice and the preservation of natural resources are global demands and demand the union of all to achieve transform the world into a more just one where all live with dignity. And it is precisely this that impels the Amigxs del M.A.R.

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