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Our projects

From Amigxs of the M.A.R. we developed different projects as an organization. Some we have finished, others are ongoing. This page is aimed at showing some of the organization’s work.

This guide is for people, communities, organizations and collectives who want to stop damage and threats to nature and their communities. Long before and beyond the right to private property, there is the right to a dignified life.

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The map is an interactive tool to encourage the active participation of all sectors of the population affected by the coastal crisis.


The Mapa de Costas is part of the Coastal Crisis campaign that we have developed over the past two years with the aim of making visible the crisis, privatization and displacement on the country’s beaches and coasts.

 We would like to share out manifiesta. It is still a work in process made with solidarity, and love. 


During 2021, M.A.R. Amigxs facilitated various workshops  around Puerto Rico on post-disaster recovery processes. From a critical perspective, together with the participating communities, the Just Recovery from the BOTTOM was redefined through a participatory and empowering process.


A podcast by Amigxs del M.A.R. where we seek to rescue the memory of the environmental struggles of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Global South. This space seeks to create counter-hegemonic media that can narrate clear and

 from below. We look at the intersections that intersect in the stories of the struggles for environmental and climate justice.

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The Circular Generation proposal promotes efficient solid waste management that is compatible with the development of a circular and sustainable economy in Puerto Rico. Let's change our perspective on what we consider "trash" today, and start seeing them as valuable resources that we could use to advance the well-being, quality of life, and progress of our society.


From Amigxs del M.A.R., we are part of the proposal and creation of Circular Generation as one of the practical alternatives for the implementation of our 5Rs.

We facilitated several gatherings between communities on the 4 coasts of Puerto Rico (north, south, east and west) and the island of Vieques to discuss the environmental issues affecting our communities, and how we can mobilize to create power, and address the current crisis. 


Understanding how complex and overwhelming the issue of the changes to our Civil Code approved by the legislature and awaiting the signature of Wanda Vázquez Garced can be, we have created this guide to facilitate the understanding of areas that may affect the environment and public domain goods. 


Here you will find definitions and examples so we can all understand how this law impacts these areas. 

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