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Enraizando la Crisis Climática

The Enraizando ante la Crisis Climática project was born out of the need that Amigxs del M.A.R. has observed for years about the emotional effect that the climate crisis has on the people and communities with whom we have worked and established connections. Puerto Rico presents multiple challenges to address the climate crisis.

Puerto Rico presents multiple challenges to address the climate crisis. Among these are the colonial condition, the economic debt, government inaction and the constant atmospheric phenomena of the last 7 years, placing the population in a state of constant physical and emotional vulnerability. This results for Puerto Ricans a series of questions when considering the future and the possibility of remaining in their country.


What is this investigation about?

The following research project aims to address the aforementioned challenges in order to safeguard the physical and emotional health of the people who inhabit the islands of Puerto Rico. For this reason, it has the following three objectives:


To make visible the emotional reality of the people living in Puerto Rico in the face of the impact of the climate crisis and government inaction.


Construct a measurement instrument to identify the perceptions of the Puerto Rican population and their communities in the face of the climate crisis.


Finally, with the compiled findings, we wish to create and promote policies for adaptation and mitigation of the climate crisis.

Time line of the investigation:

Phase 1:

Literature Review and Methodology Development

Phase 2:

Development of the Measurement and Interview Instrument

Phase 3:

Data collection and community visits

Phase 4:

Data Analysis

Phase 5:

Writing up of Findings and Discussion

Phase 6:

Presentation of Results

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